The story I don’t tell people, ‘cuz I’m honestly not crazy

Disclaimer:  I have, actually, told this story to very few people, mostly because I feel like they either won’t believe it, or they’ll think I’m crazy if they do.

God has given me lots of gifts.  I’m sure all of you would say the same.  When asked to list them people usually say God has given them: wonderful spouses, beautiful children, health, jobs, etc.  And I would be no different.  In fact, I believe everything I have is a gift from God.  But sometimes . . . every once in a while, He gives you something in such a way that stuns you.  It makes you think, “Wow, God.  I know you’re always here and all, but you just showed up right HERE and did that . . . for me.”  And it makes you warm and fuzzy, and it makes you realize He really is a Father to you – who likes to give you things just because He loves you.

Well, one day, God gave me this:

Copper Scrubby-Thing

Yep, one of those copper pot-scrubber-things.  And I treasure it.

I was in my early 20’s.  I was in a time in my life where I was really trying to draw closer to God, and learn more about Him.  After loosing my earthly father a few years earlier, and feeling that loss very keenly, I was trying to let God fill that void and really feel Him as my Heavenly Father.  And I was struggling with it.  I was also trying to be better about managing money.  I wasn’t bad at it – but I was in a phase where I was really trying to cut spending and impulse purchases.

Also, as you can read in my About Me, I love copper – pretty much anything made of it.  I think it’s just divine.  I’m not big into jewelry, or handbags, or very much of anything, for that matter, that a lot of women are into.  But anything copper catches my eye like a fishing lure to a bass.  And I have a nice little collection of things now, from kitchen gadgets, to art, to jewelry.  But at that time I was just beginning my collection.

So I was shopping at the grocery store.  And – I know you’ve seen them dangling along the sides of the cereal aisles – the little scrubbers were hanging in little individual packages, all bright in their coppery-goodness, and calling to me.  I had always admired them before, but never felt so strongly called to them as I did on this shopping trip.  I WANTED one.  And there was really no reason not to buy it.  I was not hurting for money at all, it was only a purchase of a couple dollars.  But as soon as I selected my coppery treasure and plunked it in my cart, I felt like I shouldn’t do it.  I needed to be disciplined, I thought.  It was the ultimate in “impulse purchases” – just the type of thing I was trying to avoid doing.  And so I put it back, congratulated myself on my proper choice, and didn’t give it another thought.

I bought my groceries, put them in the car, and drove home.  And as I came around the curve and approached my house I saw something in the road, something coppery looking, directly in front of my driveway. I shook my head in disbelief. Then I got out of the car, walked down the drive to the road, and just stood in the middle of the road while the cars drove around me and stared. It was a copper pot-scrubber-thingy – in the package nonetheless!!!! Say WHAAAAT?!?!?!

I really couldn’t believe it.  And this is where I expect people to totally think I’m crazy, or lying or both.  But I felt like God had plunked that thing down there just for me.  Like, wherever all that manna came from back in the day, there was a coppery pot-scrubber-thing up there too, and He let it fall there for me.  He knew I wanted one.  He saw me agonize over the decision.  He watched me put it back.  And He wanted me to have one.  It was actually a different brand, and nicer than the one I had just been looking at in the store.

What is amazing is that it’s not like He provided one for me two weeks later – this was immediately upon driving home from the store – less than half an hour later.  He didn’t give me an old one – like fell-off-the-back-of-the-garbage-truck old.  BRAND NEW.  In the package!  And He left no doubt in my mind that it was from Him – right in front of my freakin’ driveway!!

I picked it up like it was a newborn kitten and took it in the house.  And I set it on the counter and cried.  Yes . . . I cried . . . over a silly little object that’s purpose is to scrub scrambled eggs off my pans.

I have it still, obviously, and I’ve never used it.  It is a reminder to me that God is with me.  That He sees everything I do.  That He cares about all the little things in my life.  That – just like the good father that He is – He wants to give me nice gifts, even when they’re just little copper pot-scrubber things.

I’d love to hear about the little things in life that remind you of God’s presence and never-ending love.  I’d love to be inspired by your stories of times that God showed you He was there – in big or little ways.  Please comment below so we can revel in God’s grace together.

44 thoughts on “The story I don’t tell people, ‘cuz I’m honestly not crazy

  1. I love God stories like this one! Several months ago, our pastor asked everyone if they could give just the cost of a Starbucks coffee each week in addition to their weekly tithe to help the parish close a budget deficit. I had been looking for job since the end of June and I said to God in my head, “I would love to give more, but how am I going to do that?” After mass, a friend came up to me and asked if I would like to work part time for her company – – Whoa!! God certainly answered my question that day! I try to trust God more each day – – He is awesome!

  2. It’s beautiful. I was watching Evan Almighty on the TV yesterday and loved the lines that the God dishes out…when you pray for patience, God doesn’t give you patience but the opportunities to learn patience. Similarly, when you pray that your family stays together, God gives you the opportunities to stay together. God doesn’t gives you things directly but creates opportunities so that you can get them.

  3. It’s funny, you know – I have never been a religious person, per se, although for someone who says that I do talk to ‘God’ an awful lot when I’m turning something over in my head!
    Nevertheless, when I think about the possibility of a God existing, nothing leaps more quickly to the front of my mind than my husband. I say this because he is my very best friend, in the whole world – the core of my existence, the twin of my purpose, if you will. Thing is, I never would have even met him but by chance – or divine intervention? We come (literally) from opposite sides of the world. We were introduced at random by an enigmatic acquaintance we never saw again. We got together, and our relationship weathered long distance separation, misunderstanding, conflicting ideals, temptation and illness – whenever it seemed like we should give up, I’d take another look at him and realise that all our little trials and tribulations were really nothing but learning curves on the path to true togetherness, and that each one made the bond between us stronger. It was a funny sensation, really, like a cool hand on my forehead, and someone telling me to open my eyes and realise what an incredible thing I had going, and that I should probably not screw it up by being weak and silly and selfish and giving up at the first (or second, or third) hurdle. Now, call *me* crazy, but that sounds an awful lot like the sort of thing that God is supposed to do – give us a gift, and gently help and encourage us to be worthy of it. I imagine there are a few Divine Eyerolls in there as well, though…

    Uh, right? <__>

    Aaaand Syl stops by to deliver yet another wall of text, this time kind of a sappy one! 😉

  4. Your story made me feel so good. Mostly because I know things like this exist. People who doubt it, just don’t know. I’m not going to share experience all over your blog, but when that something special happened to let me know it was God and only him, my knees buckled and I cried and cried because it was the most awesome feeling ever. God does the best for us when we leave the choice up to him. You did that, and he showed something special. This post is very moving. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Wow, I love that! My father died when I was younger too so I have to rely on God as my Father and he has given me so much and looked after me so well. I love Him a LOT! I love that you write about God so that more people can hear about the wonderful things He does. I’ve nominated your blog for the ‘Liebster Award’ here… I hope you accept….and keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! I actually read this comment first thing this morning and have been itching all day to get two seconds to rub together so that I could respond. 🙂 I am so honored, and hope to live up to your example by accepting it and paying it forward. Thank you for sharing with me about your Dad. I know that is very hard, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in it. God is truly an awesome Father! I read your blog about the rules and I will be posting a.s.a.p. Thank you again, and I look forward to reading more from you! Blessings ~ Vida

  6. God works in the most AMAZING (and sometimes crazy) ways. You find Him when you least expect and this story is evidence of that! One day, I hope to have a story to share about His Awesomeness… but for now, I will treasure what you have shared 🙂

  7. God is amazing, I have lots of stories like this, how God has answered the smallest request in such an awesome way, that it makes me smile just to think about it! I remember feeling that my husbands family weren’t very accepting of me in general. I was at a local prayer room, and saw a sign that said “God can move mountains, ask God what mountain you would like moved”, so I asked for an opportunity to speak to my brothers in law. 5 minutes later my husband joins me (he had been playing golf with his brother) and said that we had been invited over for a BarBQ that weekend. Awesome!
    Love your blog, Blessings Joy x

      • Thanks to God and you Vida I have decided to start another blog, tracing my year long journey through the Bible. It is entitled “This Pilgrims progress” as I am reading David Winter’s Pilgrim’s Way. I am not too sure when I will sart it, but will be soon possibly after my trip to Paris. It is my daughter’s 18th birthday on the 14th, so we will be away until 16th. Although I have started the book I feel that i dont have the time to dedicate to a blog as well before we go. I will of course take lots of phots and share them with you! Blessings et au revoir Joy x

  8. I love this! And I love the dialogue here, too. What a neat place you have here. 😀

    God has done some of those little gift-giving things that have made me laugh. Strawberry pots. I wanted strawberry pots, but didn’t really have the money for them. Three of them, when I got lost going somewhere…right by the side of the road. Cracked me up. Loved them! Loved HIM!

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