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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


For the second time in a week, I was surprised and honored to be selected for an award.  Keishawna from The Jolly MOMents nominated me to receive the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  Thank you so much, Keishawna!  It is even more of an honor coming from you, because I admire you and your beautiful bog so much.  Your blog is so inspiring, and your comments are always sweet.  I’m so blessed to have found you in the blogging world!

Now, I must share seven things about myself – This was a hard one! I’ve tried to pick things that I have not already discussed elsewhere.

1.      I have a pet peeve about leaving the plastic or label on anything I buy.  This is because when I was a kid my mom left the plastic covers on the lampshades (so they wouldn’t accumulate dust) and put the remote controls in plastic zip-lock bags (so they wouldn’t get sticky), and various other odd things that now I strive never to emulate.

2.      I love cats.  I had my doggie love of my life when I was a kid – a standard collie (Lassie dog), named Georgie Girl, but I called her “George.”  And she was the greatest dog ever!  I fear I will never love another dog, and now I prefer the independence and aloofness of cats.

3.      I don’t believe in washing cars.  I’m a bit of a neat freak about the inside of my car, and pretty much everything else – but I see washing cars as a big fat waste of my time.  Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear said it best – “Washing cars is for the simple-minded, and people with bad marriages.”  Just kidding – LOL.

4.      I met and fell in love with my husband in circumstances more romantic than any movie I’ve ever seen.  He was moonlighting as a guide for trail rides on horseback.  I went to the ranch for a trial ride, and ultimately came to board my horse there.  We fell in love spending hours and hours riding and having adventures through the Texas countryside.

5.      I am a direct descendant of the man who invented the Ferris wheel – it’s a shame I don’t get royalties for that.

6.      I talk in my sleep, and walk, and eat, and pretty much anything I’d do when I’m awake – but I haven’t left the house yet . . . that I know of.

7.      Gosh, I can’t think of anything else, so I’ll give you another major pet peeve – crooked pictures, and also spots on mirrors – OK that’s two.  And I promise I don’t judge at other people’s houses . . . just my own.  LOL.

Here are seven bloggers that I follow and love:

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The following blogs, in no particular order, have encouraged or inspired me in some way.  I hope that if you visit some of them, you are encouraged as well.

Thank you, again, Keishawna!  I had fun with this, and I hope others enjoy it as well.  Be blessed!

Zero to Hero Challenge – Day 3 “What’s on my mind.”

Day 3 of this challenge is to write the post that your originally had in mind when you started the blog. And, like many people, I have sort of already written it. What I had in mind was not one post, but a way to gratefully express all the wonderful things God is doing in my life, the ways He is meeting my family’s needs, the things He is showing me. So it is a work in progress.
I’ll just post a link here to my original – very first – blog post, which kind of expresses the spirit of my intention – that in the midst of this crazy, imperfect life there is always His Amazing Grace.

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches . . .”


Here we are on Day 2 of the Zero to Hero challenges: all about our blog name, tag line, and optional widget explaining a bit more about ourselves.  So all three of mine basically revolve around my appreciation of God’s amazing grace in my life.  I’m here to celebrate my journey through life, and share what God is doing in it.  I am constantly amazed at how He shows up every.dag-gone.day, good or bad, and He is always the same good God, and His promises are always true, and His mercies are always new.  And I’m just in awe.  So thus was born my blog name.

But I love the whole idea of names.  I love my name, which I elaborate on a bit in my About Me.  It’s Vida, and it’s Hebrew, and it means “beloved one,” which my mother chose especially because she wanted me to always know how much I am loved.  And it’s the feminine form of David, which was my father’s name.  And that helps me feel connected to him, because he died many years ago.

I love that God has always known our names.  Isaiah 43:1, John 10:3, Psalm 91:14  I think names are important to Him too.

I’m pretty pleased with my blog’s name for now . . . although my widgets could use some work.

Photo credit here.

Who I Am, and Why I’m Here


I’m attempting to do the Zero to Hero WordPress blogging challenge this month.  Mostly because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing here, and I would really like to learn so that I can connect with more people, and not annoy them, and things like that.

So my first challenge is sort of an introductory post to tell you about me and why I’m blogging.  I already have a, sort of, “Who I Am” set up as my About Me page here.  But it doesn’t really address the burning issue of “Why I’m Here,” per se.

I’m here because:

1.  Over the last several years, life changes that I’ve made both in my geographical location, and in just what is good for my life have dictated that I loose touch with a lot of people who were once very close to me.  Some of these changes have been very intentional with the purpose of taking my life in a new and healthier direction, some have been forced by the bad decisions of others, and some have just been the result of new responsibilities (i.e. being a new mom) taking up time that was once invested elsewhere.  But now I, kinda, miss people.  I miss chatting about things.  I miss just being able to tell what’s on my heart.  Now don’t get me wrong – I still have wonderful, supportive people in my life, and a husband who is not your typical man and can chat me up seven ways to Sunday.  But sometimes he’s at work, and it doesn’t always fit my lifestyle to pick up the phone to my mom across the country.  And so I blog.

2.  I feel the need to share with people the incredible things God is doing in my life.  Here I reference the aforesaid “changes in the last few years.”  After being a “have-it-all-together,” type-A personality young woman – I’ve had a lot of things shaken up in my life, attitudes changed, assumptions challenged, insights gained, the path of my life redefined.  And after struggling with many challenges I could not.be.more.excited about what’s ahead.  I have seen God come through for me in impossible situations.  I have learned a deeper level of faith in His power, in His plan, in His love for me – for all of us.  And I want to talk about it.  I want to shout about it!  And so I blog.

And that’s pretty much it.  I look forward to meeting you, and I hope you enjoy meeting me too.